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Green Climate Services


Climate Change is one of the global concerns of current world. Various practices/mechanisms have been developed in last two decades to reduce and fight with climate change. At VKU we assist our clients in meeting their compliances, risk assessment, assurance and certification needs related to climate change activities. Following are some of our key services, though not limited to:

  • VCS Validation (under Process) & Verification Services (We are applicant entity of VERRA) 
  • Gold Standard Validation & Verification Services
  • GHG Assurance (Footprint & Neutrality)

Sustainability Services


Sustainable development practices are the most essential tools for today's businesses. While an organization is keeping itself financially stable with steady growth, it becomes a moral responsibility to address its social concerns associated with it. For an effective performance and sustainable growth it is very much essential for organizations to assess their supply chains, associated or probable risks, meet required compliances, essentially respond to the Social attributes and its stakeholders. We therefore assist our clients in their sustainability practices by delivering Assessment, Assurance, Certifications etc.

Energy & Allied Services


Energy is the most essential commodity for any industrial operations. Energy is utilized in various forms across the supply chain, life cycle or process chain of any industry. Also, industries and business operations are dependent and associated with other key elements such as water, waste, capital resources, policy, standard & procedures of their operation, etc. Our services are assisting clients in all such energy and allied activities; and in new approach and business needs.

Assurance Services


We carry out rigorous checks (using best global practices and standards) on your existing and planned investments to ensure you have clear and transparent visibility on your performance and reporting. The services include: 

  • Sustainability Assurance
  • GHG Audit (GHG Protocol + ISO)

Trainings, Events & Internships


We share our experience through a wide range of training and implementation programmes, assisting our employees in understanding Environmental changes & its Regulatory requirements and improving our business processes to achieve our vision & mission for Climate Change & Sustainability.


VKU  also offers a variety of internship programmes appropriate for top-performing Masters students interested in gaining real-world experience at a rapidly growing organisation, allowing them to get practical exposure in environmental science and engineering.